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Título: Results of DEC Unit Assisted by Solar Energy in Lisbon
Autor: Mendes, J. Farinha
Rodrigues, R.
Vásquez Pérez, Ivan
Palavras-chave: Air handling unit
Desiccant evaporative process
Solar energy
Solar fraction
Performance figures
Data: 30-Set-2009
Citação: Mendes, J. Farinha; Rodrigues, R.; Váquez P., I. Results of DEC Unit Assisted by Solar Energy in Lisbon. In: 3rd International Conference Solar Air-Conditioning, Italy (Palermo), 30 Set. – 2 Out., 2009, 6p.
Resumo: The Air Handling Unit (AHU) with Desiccant Evaporative Cooling (DEC) technology, assisted by solar energy, is in operation at LNEG (former INETI) since 1999, ant it has some features in its design, resulting from local constraints of the building and from design decisions taken at that time with the purpose to investigate different solutions. This unit has a conventional auxiliary back-up cooling unit, an heat pump, to assist the DEC AHU on cold production in heavy summer load conditions, that guarantees the comfort conditions of the 12 offices, but does not permit an high solar fraction in summer due to the role of its condenser. So, to limit the time operation period of the heat pump, was recently introduced a new humidifier in the air admission section. In this paper we make a description of this AHU and we report the results obtained so far after those modifications, in a qualitative way, and we begin the discussion of using the performance figures, adopted in the framework of IEA SHC Task 38, to this unit.
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/10400.9/1025
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