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Título: Thermal energy production by a dual solar pound
Autor: Giestas, Margarida Canedo
Joyce, António
Milhazes, Jorge P.
Loureiro, David
Palavras-chave: Solar ponds
Adaptive comfort
Data: 7-Out-2008
Citação: Giesta, M. C.; Joyce, A.; Milhazes, J.; Loureiro, D. Thermal energy production by a dual solar pound. In: Eurosun 2008 - 1st International Conference on Solar Heating, Cooling and Buildings, Lisbon, Portugal, 17th - 10th October 2008
Resumo: A Salt Gradient Solar Pond (SGSP) is a salt water basin that collects and stores solar energy. These devices rely on the existence of a non-convective zone (NCZ) that functions as a transparent thermal insulation zone, created by a salt gradient. Salinity and temperature gradients in this zone can give rise to double diffusive problems that can decrease the insulation properties of this zone. The stability of this zone is thus crucial in a SGSP. Stability control, analysis of energy extraction, device efficiency and maintenance strategies are determinant for the correct performance of the SGSP. The implementation of these strategies can be expensive and not sufficient to prevent instability problems. This paper intends to give a contribution to the maintenance problem presenting a new concept of a SGSP utilisation: The Dual Solar Pond (DSP)
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/10400.9/1062
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