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Título: Chemical and bioassay fractionation of chars obtained in the co-pyrolysis of different wastes
Autor: Bernardo, Maria S.
Lapa, N.
Gonçalves, Margarida
Mendes, Benilde
Pinto, Filomena
Data: Nov-2010
Citação: Bernardo, M. S.; Lapa, N.; Gonçalves, M.; Mendes, B.; Pinto, F. Chemical and bioassay fractionation of chars obtained in the co-pyrolysis of different wastes. In: International Workshop on Energy Optimization in Industry and reduction of CO2 emissions, Lisbon, Portugal, Novembro 2010
Resumo: The present work is devoted to the study chars obtained in the co-pyrolisis of plastics, biomass and tyres wastes. The composition of these chars is not yet well studied and only recent an attempt was made by the aithors to provide some information about the composition and risk assessment of these materials. The objectives of this work were to perform solvent extractions, using differents, in chars obtained in the co-pyrolysis process to evaluate the extraction efficiency by characterising the different solvent extracts obtained as well as the extracted chars, to perform a chemical ans bioassay franctionation in the most toxic crude extraction in order to study the chemical composition of the fractions as well as their individual contribution to the global toxicity of the crude extarct. The results will allow to conclude which solvent should be used in the decontamination of the pyrolysis chars.
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/10400.9/1101
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