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Título: Production of Cu/Diamond composites for first-wall heat sinks
Autor: Nunes, D.
Correia, J. Brito
Carvalho, P. A.
Shohoji, Nobumitsu
Silva, C.
Fernandes, H.
Alves, L. C.
Hanada, K.
Osawa, E.
Palavras-chave: Copper
Interface reinforcement
Carbide formation
Spark plasma sintering
Data: 27-Set-2010
Citação: Nunes, D.; Correia, J. B.; Carvalho, P. A.; Shohoji, N.; Fernandes, H.; Silva, C.; Alves, L. C.; Hanada, K.; Osawa, E. Production of Cu/Diamond composites for first-wall heat sinks. In: 26th Symposium on Fusion Technology, 26th SOFT 2010, Porto, 27 September - 1October 2010
Resumo: Due to their suitable thermal conductivity and strength copper-based materials have been considered appropriate heat sinks for first wall panels in nuclear fusion devices. However, increased thermal conductivity and mechanical strength are demanded and the concept of property tailoring involved in the design of metal matrix composites advocates for the potential of nanodiamond dispersions in copper. Copper-nanodiamond composite materials can be produced by mechanical alloying followed by a consolidation operation. Yet, this powder metallurgy route poses several challenges: nanodiamond presents intrinsically difficult bonding with copper; contamination by milling media must be closely monitored; and full densification and microstructural homogeneity should be obtained with consolidation. The present line of work is aimed at an optimization of the processing conditions of Cu-nanodiamond composites. The challenges mentioned above have been addressed, respectively, by incorporating chromium in the matrix to form a stable carbide interlayer binding the two components; by assessing the contamination originating from the milling operation through particle-induced X-ray emission spectroscopy; and by comparing the densification obtained by spark plasma sintering with hot-extrusion data from previous studies.
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/10400.9/1146
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