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Título: Pre-treatment experiments for the use of Cynara Cardunculus L. as a substrate for the production of biogas
Autor: Oliveira, I. D. B.
Lageiro, Manuela
Di Berardino, Santino
Gominho, J.
Duarte, E.
Data: 8-Nov-2010
Citação: Oliveira, I. D. B.; Lageiro, M.: Di Berardino, S.; Gominho, J.; Duarte, E. Pre-treatment experiments for the use of Cynara Cardunculus L. as a substrate for the production of biogas. In: Venice 2010, Third International Symposium on Energy from Biomass and Waste Venice, Italy; November 8-11, 2010, 11 p.
Resumo: The purpose of the present study was to explore and evaluate the influence of different pretreatments on Cynara stalks over anaerobic digestion and potential methane production. Different pre-treatments followed by anaerobic digestion batch experiments, were carried-out to Cynara stalks feedstock in order to select the most effective combination. After selecting the most suitable inocullum/substrate (I/S) ratio, different pre-treatments: mechanical, thermal, thermal chemical and enzymatic were studied to enhance the biogas and methane yield in correlation with volatile solids (VS) reduction. The most promising pre-treatment was submitted to a final experiment, in order to set up optimized operational parameters. The thermal chemical pre-treatment applied to the substrate, in the final assay, doubled the cumulative methane yield in comparison with the trial conducted with the untreated one. The methane yield achieved was 0.59 l/g VSadded and 0.31 l/g VSadded for the pre-treated and untreated substrate respectively. The enhancement achieved is also shown in terms of VS reduction. Enzymatic pre-treatment can contibute to an improvement of untreated substrate hydrolyses and also an increase in methane yield of 18% in comparison with the one without enzymatic addition. Mechanical pre-treatment combined with the addition of enzymes enhance hydrolyses of the substrate improving inoculums efficiency however, more experiments are required within higher incubation times.
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/10400.9/1167
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