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Título: Modeling of self-gydrolysis of concentrated sodium borohydride solution
Autor: Retnamma, Rajasree
Rangel, C. M.
Novais, Augusto Q.
Yu, Lin
Matthews, Michael A.
Data: 7-Nov-2010
Citação: Retnamma, R.; Rangel, C. M.; Novais, A. Q.; Yu, L.; Matthews, M. A. Modeling of self-gydrolysis of concentrated sodium borohydride solution. In: AICHE Annual Meeting, Salt Lake City, USA, 7-12 November 2010
Resumo: In spite of the US DOE recommendation of no-go for sodium borohydride for on-board vehicular hydrogen storage, a great deal of interest remains particularly with view to portable applications. In this work we report on experimental and modeling studies of the kinetics of self-hydrolysis of concentrated NaBH4 solutions (10 – 20 wt %) for temperatures varying between 25 – 80 0C, based on 11B NMR study. The models studied were a power law model and a model which describes the change in order of borohydride during the course of reaction. The modeling results show an increase in rate constant and decrease in the order of reaction with respect to borohydride with temperature, while reverse trends are observed with increasing initial borohydride concentration. A theoretical analysis based on solubility product constant for precipitate formation is also carried out under the studied experimental conditions and is in good agreement with the experimental observation.
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/10400.9/1238
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