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Título: Treatment and reutilization of effluents: one Mediterranean project
Autor: Duarte, José Cardoso
Mateus, Marta
Eusébio, Ana
Almeida-Vara, Elsa
Ribeiro, Belina
Baeta-Hall, Lina
Hassani, Lahcen
Nejmeddine, Ahmed
Moreira, C.
Sukan, Fazilet
Sayadi, Sami
Federici, F.
Gónzalez López, J.
Ferreira, A.
Fenice, M.
Data: 14-Nov-2005
Citação: Duarte, J. Cardos, [et. al.]. Treatment and reutilization of effluents: one Mediterranean project. In: Second Mediterranean Conference: WATER RESOURCES IN MEDITERRANEAN BASIN (WATMED 2), November 14-17, 2005, Marrakech, Morocco
Resumo: The problematic of effluent treatment from olive oil industry as been the subject of an European Commission funded project (INCO-MED programme): “Mediterranean Usage of Biotechnological Treated effluent Water”. The potential that effluent offers to increase the availability of water, in mediterranean regions, was the final goal of the project, co-ordinated by INETI with partners from EU and MPC. In the project different systems for the treatment of this effluent had been studied: reactors systems (Intensive type) based on the jet-loop principle (JACTO) and an anaerobic UASB hybrid type reactor technology; lagoons (extensive type) for municipal wastewater treatment were also applied. The aerobic JACTO system demonstrated high unit capacity for biological conversion and operation at different loadings, allowing the removal of the pollutant organic load and the toxicity associated with this effluent. The use of this type of reactor for pre-treatment of OOWW prior to disposal on a lagoon system was tested at FSS (Morocco). Use of fungi as a pre-treatment was tested by UNITUS (Italy), EBC (Turkey) and CBS (Tunisia). In this way the effluent could be “improved” as demonstrated in the case of anaerobic digestion and biogas production (CBS). Effluent improvement and enrichment with phosphate was also tested by UNITUS. Analytical monitoring methodologies were developed at IA (Spain) and treated effluents were tested for a number of agricultural applications in different countries. The different alternatives studied will be analysed and compared taking account of technological and socio-economical criteria in relation with the project objectives.
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/10400.9/1243
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