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Título: Non-linear Slack-Mooring Modelling of a Floating Two-Body Wave Energy Converter
Autor: Vicente, Pedro C.
Falcão, António de O.
Justino, Paulo Alexandre
Palavras-chave: Wave energy
Wave power
Point absorbers
Data: 2011
Citação: Vicente, P.C.; Falcão, A. de O.; Justino, P.A.P. Non-linear Slack-Mooring Modelling of a Floating Two-Body Wave Energy Converter. In: EWTEC' 2011 Proceedings of 9th European Wave and Tidal Energy Conference, UK (Southampton), Setembro, 2011, 10p.
Resumo: Most floating oscillating-body wave energy converters that have been proposed and developed so far are two-body systems where the power is extracted from the relative translational motion between the two bodies. As any floating device, floating point absorbers are subject to drift forces due to waves, currents and wind, and therefore need to be kept in place by a proper mooring system. The mooring cables can be approximately modelled as catenary lines in a quasi-static analysis. The use of a time-domain analysis allows for nonlinear mooring forces of slack chain cables to be considered. Numerical results for motion, mooring tensions and absorbed power are presented for a two body system consisting of a hemispherical floater and a submerged body and slack bottom moorings, for regular and irregular waves. Comparisons are given with the unmoored two-body heaving system, the moored heaving twobody system and with the simplified one body linear PTO model. Results show the possibility of occurrence of low-frequency horizontal oscillations of large amplitude, and non linear motions, even for regular waves. Some differences are seen in comparison with the simplified one body model and with the heave two-body system. The moorings were found not to affect very significantly the power absorbed.
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/10400.9/1356
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