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Título: Oleico+ project : olive mill wastes and the sustainability of the olive oil industry in Europe
Autor: Duarte, José Cardoso
Santori, Francesca
Ribeiro, Belina
Augusto, Gabriela
Palavras-chave: OMW
Olive oil
Data: 12-Jan-2011
Citação: Duarte, J. Cardoso; Santori, F.; Ribeiro, B.; Augusto, G. Oleico+ project : olive mill wastes and the sustainability of the olive oil industry in Europe. In: Proceedings of Wastes: Solutions, Treatments and Opportunities, 1st Internacional Conference, Universidade do Minho, Guimarães,12th- 14th September, 2011, p. 669-674
Resumo: Every year more than 15 millions tones of olive mill wastes (OMW) are generated in the EU. Those wastes consist in vegetation waters, effluents from olive oil, washing, leaves and other solids coming from wet pomaces from two phase extraction systems. Each of these residues presents different challenges, and is sometimes covered by different legal frameworks at European and National level. The Oleico+ project (LIFE07INF/IT/438), brought together four European Institutions from olive oil producing Countries, Greece, Italy, Spain and Portugal, to seek and select a set of environmental friendly technologies for the remediation or valorization of OMW, and to raise the awareness of olive oil stakeholders for an environmental sustainable olive mill waste management. The OMW management is becoming a critical issue for the sustainability of olive oil industry, because of the increasing quantities generated, the public environmental awareness and stricter environmental laws. Challenges posed by the OMW management are as diverse as the context of olive production itself. In all cases olive mill owners are in the top of an economic sector of major social and environmental importance in some of the more vulnerable Mediterranean regions of Europe, in an environment of depressed olive oil prices and a several of legal constrains and regulations. In this paper we examine the different contexts of OMW generation and management, their respective waste-streams and legislative frameworks. The work will also compare the situation across the four Member States, and presents the different technologies selected for the “Awareness Raising Campaign for the Treatment and Valorization of Olive Mill Wastes” now occurring in all Member Stat
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/10400.9/1544
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