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Título: New technologies for municipal wastewater treatment
Autor: Ribeiro, Belina
Moreira, Cristina
Pontes, Diogo
Grasmick, Alain
Duarte, José Cardoso
Data: 25-Abr-2011
Citação: Ribeiro, B. [et. al.]. New technologies for municipal wastewater treatment. In: Proceedings of 3rd International Congress on Wastewater in Small Communities (SmallWat’11), Seville, Spain, 25-28 April, 2011
Resumo: New technologies to treat and recycle water from municipal waste water treatment plants are of utmost urgency. This study is taking place on the Mondego River, lower basin and estuary, from Coimbra to Figueira da Foz and contribute for the environmental sustainability of this region. In this work we developed a new treatment system using submerged membrane bioreactors for improved treatment and removal of pollution eliminating particles, bacterial and virus fro the treated effluents. Use of microalgae photoreactors as an alternative tertlary treatment of urban wastewaters was also evaluated. Monitoring and long distance supervision are also possible with the system. The biotreatment process was monitored with an online sensor based on ultra violet spectra technology for continuous analysis of COD, NO3 and TSS. This system eliminates the constant need for samples recollection to further analysis. Supervision is ensured by last generation SCADA software (MOVICON), analyzing in real time all the occurrences and registering all the values in a data base. A new system of at distance supervision and control for urban wastewater treatment plants (WWPT's) was also tested and could allow for better technical performance and economy. Physico-chemical characterisation of local WWTP's and Mondego River were performed, in order to test a kinetic model representative of the impact of WWTP's in the environment.
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/10400.9/1545
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