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Título: Assessemnt of corrosion in offshore environment. Study in windfloat prototype : wind-enermar project
Autor: Marques, Maria João F.
Alves, Isabel Nascimento
Gonçalves, Rita
Diamantino, Teresa C.
Palavras-chave: Offshore wind energy
AH36 steel
Antocorrosive protection systems
Data: 31-Mai-2012
Citação: Marques, M. J. F.; Alves, I. N.; Gonçalves, R. P.; Diamantino, T. C. Assessemnt of corrosion in offshore environment. Study in windfloat prototype : wind-enermar project. In: ICDS12-International Conference : Durable Structures: from constrution to rehabilitation, Lisbon, 2012, 31 May-1 June
Resumo: In December 2011 WindFloat prototype, a semi-submersible floating structure was successfully deployed off the coast of Aguçadoura, North Sea of Portugal. The 2 MW WindFloat platform is the first offshore wind turbine in open Atlantic waters and as a demonstration project it appears as great opportunity to assess metal corrosion and anticorrosive protection systems efficiency in offshore environment. This kind of assessment has never been performed in Portugal. With this aim, the Materials and Coatings Laboratory (LMR) of LNEG carried out the Wind_Enermar project - "Prevention and control of corrosion in the exploitation of offshore wind energy", which involved the exposure of AH36 steel samples with and without application of different anticorrosive protection systems, selected according to the different sections of the WindFloat platform: atmospheric, splash and immersion zone.
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/10400.9/1566
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