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Título: Biomass quality in a thermoelectric plant along one year
Autor: Silva, D.
Tarelho, L.
Silva, J. Figueiredo
Freire, M.
Lopes, M. Helena
Palavras-chave: Biomass quality
Thermoelectric plant
Data: 2013
Citação: Silva, D.; Tarelho, L.; Silva, J. Figueiredo; Freire, M.; Lopes, M. Helena. Biomass quality in a thermoelectric plant along one year. In: 1st International Congress on Bioenergy, Proceedings Book, Portalegre, Portugal, 23-25 Maio, 2013, p. 14
Resumo: ABSTRACT: The biomass quality is an important issue for the operation of a thermoelectric plant. Independently of the combustion technology, the biomass fuels and its characteristics are responsible for some operating problems during the thermochemical conversion of the biomass in thermal energy. These operation problems are related to the boiler and heat exchangers, dedusting technologies (e.g., electrostatic precipitator). Some studies show the phenomena of corrosion and incrustation on the walls of the boiler (named as fouling phenomenon) and on the walls of superheater, economizer, and equipments for flue gas treatment (named as slag phenomenon). When the biomass presents high levels of alkaline metals, like herbaceous and agro-industrial residues, these problems will be intensified. For example, the potassium and sodium decrease the melting point of the ashes, causing the incrustations and slag formation. On the other hand, magnesium and calcium in the biomass lead to the increase of the melting point of the ashes. The influence of the biomass quality on the bottom and fly ashes properties is related with the quantity of inert material, unburned carbon content and chemical composition. Thus, the main goal of this research work is focused on the characteristics of the forest biomass residues used as fuel in a Portuguese thermoelectric plant equipped with grate furnace technology. The results obtained allow the evaluation of the influence of some physical-chemical characteristics of the biomass on the produced ashes, and in the overall power plant performance.
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/10400.9/2071
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