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Título: Between history and contemporaneous geology : revisiting a "classical" (geo) site from the Upper Cretaceous of Portugal
Autor: Callapez, Pedro
Brandão, José Manuel
Santos, Vanda Faria dos
Gomes, Celeste Romualdo
Palavras-chave: História da Geologia
Património geológico
Cretácico superior
Figueira da Foz (Portugal)
Data: 2013
Citação: Callapez, Pedro M; Brandão José M.; Santos, Vanda F.; Gomes, Celeste R. - Between history and contemporaneous geology : revisiting a "classical" (geo) site from the Upper Cretaceous of Portugal. In: Revista da Sociedad Geológica de España, 26 (2), 2013, p. 5-11
Resumo: The history of geology intends to research biographies, ideas and controversies that have contributed to the epistemological building of knowledge, and to the products of fieldwork and laboratory investigation, and related written production on geosciences. A transversal research of all these elements allows revealing itineraries, outcrops and sites where pioneer studies have been done.Many of them still exist nowadays and are suitable for teaching and outreach activities of geoscientific literacy. An excellent example of this close link between history of geology and geoheritage can be explored in the “classical” outcrops of Salmanha (Figueira da Foz,West Central Portugal), where highly fossiliferous Upper Cretaceous carbonate units have been studied since the mid 19th century. Extensively described by Paul Choffat, from 1886 onwards, its stratigraphic sections and Cenomanian-Turonian faunas were major contributions for the scientific knowledge of that time, and can still be used as a source of information for modern workers and as an important resource for teaching and touristic activities.
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/10400.9/2097
ISSN: 2255-1379
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