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Título: Urban geochemistry of lead in gardens, playgrounds and schoolyards of Lisbon, Portugal : assessing exposure and risk to human health
Autor: Reis, A. P.
Patinha, Carla
Wragg, J.
Dias, A. C.
Cave, M.
Sousa, A. J.
Batista, Maria João
Prazeres, Cátia
Costa, C.
Silva, Eduardo Ferreira da
Rocha, Fernando
Palavras-chave: Geoquímica ambiental
Áreas urbanas
Risco ambiental
Prevenção ambiental
Saúde urbana
Saúde Pública
Lisboa (Portugal)
Data: 2013
Citação: Reis, A. P... [et al.] - Urban geochemistry of lead in gardens, playgrounds and schoolyards of Lisbon, Portugal : assessing exposure and risk to human health. In: Applied Geochemistry, xxx (2013), 9 p. (Article in press.; Available online 7 October 2013)
Resumo: To assess the impact of potentially harmful elements in soil/dust on the health of children that use urban recreational areas to play outdoors, an urban survey of Lisbon, the largest city in Portugal was carried out, collecting soils and dusts from public gardens, parks, playgrounds and schoolyards. An exposure and risk assessment study for the incidental soil/dust ingestion of lead was carried out based on US EPA guidelines using a sub-set of 19 topsoil and 8 outdoor dusts, out of a total of 51 samples, incorporating oral bioaccessibility measurements using the Unified BARGE Method developed by the Bioaccessibility Research Group of Europe. The objectives are: (i) interpretation of soil and dust oral bioaccessibility measurements; (ii) assessment of site-specific exposure and non-carcinogenic risk posed by lead; (iii) hazard assessment for urban soil and dust with respect to children playing in outdoor recreational areas. The results show that significant fractions of Pb occur in bioaccessible forms, 24–100% in soils and 35–100% in dusts and the associated risk is greater for dust ingestion than for soil ingestion in Lisbon city recreational areas.
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/10400.9/2135
ISSN: 0883-2927
Versão do Editor: http://dx.doi.org/10.1016/j.apgeochem.2013.09.022
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