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Título: The nZEBs in the near Future: Overview of definitions and guidelines towards existing plans for increasing nZEBs 
Autor: Aelenei, Laura
Gonçalves, Helder
Aelenei, Daniel
Palavras-chave: Buildings
Zero Energy Buildings
Energy efficiency
Data: 2013
Citação: Aelenei, L.; Gonçalves, H.; Aelenei, D. The nZEBs in the near Future: Overview of definitions and guidelines towards existing plans for increasing nZEBs. In: SB13 Portugal – Sustainable Building Contribution to Achieve the EU 20-20-20 Targets, Book of Proceedings, Guimarães, Portugal, 30 Oct.-1 Nov., 2013, p. 879-886
Resumo: Zero-energy performance buildings have gained significant attention since the publication in 2010 of the recast of the EPBD recast which requires all new buildings to become nearly zero-energy by 2020. Buildings are requested to meet higher levels of energy performance and to explore more the alternative energy supply systems available locally on a cost-efficiency basis. Since the directive does not specify minimum or maximum harmonized requirements as well as details of energy performance calculation framework, it is up to the member states to define the exact meaning of “high energy performance” and “amount of energy from renewable sources” according to their own local conditions and strategic interests. Nearly zero-energy building (nZEB) performance derives from net zero-energy concept (Net ZEB) which in case of buildings is usually defined as a high energy performance building that over a year is energy neutral. The successful implementation of such an ambitious target, however, needs to be planned out diligently. The critical steps are a) a correct picture about the existing state and trends, b) clear definitions and targets, c) dynamic building codes and energy efficient technologies and d) rules for testing and verification. The nZEBs or NetZEBs built in the near future therefore may play a critical role in implementing any ambitious plan as its success on long-term relies on setting best practice examples, in addition of the supporting policies and initiatives. The purpose of this paper is to review existing definitions, terms and policies on strategic planning of nZEBs at national and international level.
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/10400.9/2283
ISBN: 978-989-96543-7-2
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