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Título: Gasification study of cynara cardunculus to produce hydrogen rich gas
Autor: Franco, Carlos
Lopes, M. Helena
Pinto, Filomena
André, Rui Neto
Gulyurtlu, Ibrahim
Cabrita, Isabel
Palavras-chave: Gasification
Fluidised bed
Data: Jun-2009
Citação: 17th European Biomass Conference and Exhibition - From Research to Industry and Markets, Hamburg, Alemanha, Junho 2009
Resumo: The need to substitute fossil fuel feedstocks with endogeneous biomass to produce energy with lower environmental impact makes necessary to develop innovative and technologically more advanced processes for energy production. Gasification of Cynara cardunculus L. (cardoon) alone and mixed with Eucalyptus was carried out in a bench scale fluidized bed gasifier to study the influence of operating parameters that could lead to a gas rich in hydrogen. The gasification tests were carried out using a mixture of oxygen and steam, as gasifying agent, to avoid the dilution effect of nitrogen that exists in air. The effect of catalysts addition to the bed on gas composition was analyzed as well as the influence in the level of contaminants like H2S, HCl, NH3 and tars in the gas produced. Steam and temperature had a positive effect by promoting the hydrogen production. The higher heating value of the gas produced was determined to be in the range 12 – 15 kJ/nm3 in a dry-nitrogen-free basis. Cardoon contains N, S and Cl which may give rise to problems during the gasification process and to the eventual use of the syngas produced. The results obtained showed that the presence of contaminants could be decreased through retention in the solid phase and by employing a condensation system to separate out pollutants in the liquid phase. This paper will fully present and discuss the results obtained with the gasification of cynara cardunculus and eucalyptus in a fluidized bed gasifier.
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/10400.9/360
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