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Título: Zircon dating and inheritance of a pre-Variscan granite, SW Iberia
Autor: Solá, Ana Rita
Ribeiro, Maria Luísa
Neiva, Ana Margarida R.
Data: 2008
Citação: Solá, Ana Rita; Ribeiro, Maria Luísa; Neiva, Ana Margarida R. Zircon dating and inheritance of a pre-Variscan granite, SW Iberia. In: Goldschmidt Conference Abstracts, 2008.
Resumo: The Portalegre pluton is an aligned series of Pre-Variscan granitoids located along the boundary of the Central Iberian/ Ossa Morena Zones (SW Iberian Massif, Portugal). Singlezircon geochronology (U-Pb SHRIMP and Pb/Pb stepwise evaporation) yield an Upper Cambrian/Lower Ordovician age (492.7 ± 3.5 Ma) interpreted as the magmatic crystallization age. The inherited zircon cores indicate the involvement of sources with a wide range age-components: an important Late Neoproterozoic (548 ± 7 Ma and c. 611-681 Ma) population and a Mesoproterozoic (c. 0.95-1.1 Ga) and older (c. 2.6 Ga) components. Younger zircon ages of 358 ± 36 and 387 ± 7 Ma were also found and interpreted as the record of a Variscan metamorphic event. The presence of Grenvillian zirconforming events in the protholiths of Portalegre granites is significant in the regional geodynamic context of the Iberian Massif (Central Iberian affinity?). At present, the Grenvillian ages are not noticeable in the Late Neoproterozoic/Early Cambrian record of the Ossa-Morena Zone, that has been correlated with West African Craton [1]. These data suggests that the Central Iberian Zone and Ossa-Morena Zone were independent peri-gondwana terrains with diferent paleogeographic affinities before the Ordovician times. The overall chemistry for the Portalegre granites shows they are very differentiated (SiO2=74-76 wt %), peraluminous (A/CNK=1.1–1.4); have low Zr=36-125ppm, Th/Ta=2-10, ΣREE= 22-134 and 1000Ga/Al >3. Their isotopic signatures (87Sr/86Sr)493=0.7050-0.7065, εNd493(-2.88 to -0.85) and δ18O=10.5-10.8‰, are compatible with partial melting of relatively young recycled metaigneous ± enriched mantle sources. The age pattern from the inherited zircon cores in the Portalegre granites shows that the late Neoproterozoic age (Cadomian) basement was actively involved in their magma generation. The Grenvillian and Archaean zircons can be accounted for by that source component but they do not imply the presence of an older pre-Neoproterozoic basement rocks beneath SW Iberia.
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/10400.9/419
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