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Título: Environmental impact assessment of the penetration of hydrogen technologies in Portugal's road transport
Autor: Travassos, Maria Antónia
Sá, A. I. Correia de
Luz, Paulo P. da
Rangel, C. M.
Palavras-chave: Road transport
Pollutant emissions
Hydrogen technologies
Data: 1-Abr-2009
Citação: Travassos, M. A.; Sá, A. I.; Luz, P. P.; Rangel, C. M. Environmental impact assessment of the penetration of hydrogen technologies in Portugal's road transport. In: Proceedings HYPOTHESIS VIII- Hydrogen Systems and Materials for Sustainability, HYP_47, Lisbon, 1-3 April 2009, 5p.
Resumo: Road traffic is one of the transportation sectors with faster growth and also one of the most important emitters of greenhouse gases (GHGs). In this work, an analysis of the environmental benefits resulting from the introduction of hydrogen on road transport in Portugal is made. Impact is analyzed mainly looking at the pollutant emissions provided by road transport at the point of use. Emissions associated to road transport have been estimated using the software COPERT (version 4), since it provides a detailed methodology for each specific pollutant related to the vehicle fleet of a region or country, as well as the driving conditions and fuel consumption. Passenger cars, light duty vehicles and public transport buses are the vehicles categories in which the hydrogen technology is foreseen. The hydrogen penetration rates (moderate and high) are extracted from the European Project HYWAYS. Two trends are then considered, which give penetration rates of 40.0 % and 74.5 % in 2050 for the moderate and high scenarios respectively.
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/10400.9/525
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