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2014Provenance of Cambrian-Ordovician siliciclastic rocks of the Southwestern Iberia : insights to the evolution of the North Gondwana marginSolá, Ana Rita; Chichorro, Martím A.; Pereira, M. Francisco; Hofmann, Mandy; Linnemann, Ulf; Gerdes, Axel; Medina, Jorge; Lopes, L.; Silva, J. BrandãoconferenceObjectopenAccess
2014Provenance analysis of Lower Palaeozoic siliciclastic rocks of the Southwestern Iberia (Ossa-Morena Zone) : distal shelf deposition on the North Gondwana passive marginPereira, M. Francisco; Chichorro, Martím A.; Lopes, C.; Solá, Ana Rita; Silva, J. Brandão; Hofmann, Mandy; Linnemann, UlfconferenceObjectopenAccess
Jul-2011Granitic magmatism along the Central Iberian/Ossa Morena Zone boundary (SW Iberia) : geochronology, composition, and geodynamic significanceSolá, Ana Rita; Ribeiro, Maria Luísa; Neiva, Ana Margarida R.conferenceObjectopenAccess
Jun-2014Intra-crustal recycling and crustal-mantle interactions in North Gondwana revealed by oxygen isotopic composition of Neoproterozoic to Ordovician zircons from SW Iberia rocksChichorro, Martím A.; Solá, Ana Rita; Pereira, M. Francisco; Sánchez-García, Teresa; Ferreira, A.; Silva, J. Brandão; Armstrong, R.conferenceObjectopenAccess
Jun-2014Deciphering a multi-event in a non-complex set of detrital zircon U-Pb ages from Carboniferous graywackes of SW IberiaFerreira, A.; Lopes, C.; Chichorro, Martím A.; Pereira, M. Francisco; Solá, Ana RitaarticleopenAccess
2010Basement nappes on the NE boundary the Ossa-Morena Zone, NW Iberian Variscides [Abstract]Romão, José Manuel; Ribeiro, António; Munhá, José; Ribeiro, Maria LuísaconferenceObjectopenAccess
Jul-2010Thick-skinned inter-plate and intra-plate tectonics in NW and SW IberiaRibeiro, António; Romão, José Manuel; Henriques, Susana; Dunning, G. R.; Ribeiro, Maria Luísa; Neiva, Ana Margarida R.; Munhá, José; Pereira, Eurico; Castro, PauloconferenceObjectopenAccess
Jul-2011New geochemical and geochronological data of early Cambrian of SW Iberia : calc-alkaline magmatism in the transition from active to passive continental margin in North GondwanaSánchez-García, T.; Pereira, Manuel Francisco Costa; Bellido Mulas, F.; Chichorro, Martím; Silva, J. Brandão; Valverde-Vaquero, P.; Pin, C.; Solá, Ana RitaconferenceObjectopenAccess
Mai-2012Detrital zircons from a Late Palaeozoic accretionary complex of SW Iberia (Variscan Belt) : history of crustal growth and recycling at the Rheic convergent marginPereira, Manuel Francisco Costa; Drost, K.; Chichorro, Martim; Silva, J. Brandão; Solá, Ana RitaconferenceObjectopenAccess
Nov-2012North-Gondwana assembly, break-up and paleogeography : U-Pb isotope evidence from detrital and igneous zircons of Ediacaran and Cambrian rocks of SW IberiaPereira, Manuel Francisco Costa; Solá, Ana Rita; Chichorro, Martim; Lopes, L.; Gerdes, Axel; Silva, J. BrandãoarticleopenAccess