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Título: Residential buildings with large glazing areas :experimental analysis during heating and cooling seasons
Autor: Tavares, Márcia
Gonçalves, Helder
Bastos, Jorge
Palavras-chave: Glazing areas
Thermal behaviour
Thermal confort
Data: 13-Set-2009
Citação: Tavares, Márcia; Gonçalves, Hélder; Bastos, Jorge. Residential buildings with large glazing areas :experimental analysis during heating and cooling seasons. Comuincação apresentada ao ao Healthy Buildings 2009 Buildings Health Sustainability, SYRACUSE, NY, USA, 2009, September 13-17
Resumo: This study presents the results of a monitoring study carried out in residential buildings with considerable glazing areas (more than 70% of the façade) with different solar exposures in Lisbon. The monitoring was performed during the summer and winter months in 2007-2008 (first phase) and 2008-2009 (second phase). Temperature and relative humidity sensors were installed in 23 units (45 compartments) with different solar dispositions and localizations in several buildings with specifi relevant characteristics for study. A large portion of the units showed uncomfortable temperatures most of the time during summer and winter monitoring (comfort temperatures 20ºC and 25ºC respectively for winter and sunmer). Some factors were of great influence on the results: these were in some way directly related to the daily habits of the residents. The professional needs to take care with the glazing areas and solar protectio in these kinds of buildings, to make them more sustainable.
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/10400.9/579
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