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Título: Physical and chemical processing of printed circuit boards waste
Autor: Oliveira, Paula C.
Taborda, F. Charters
Margarido, F.
Nogueira, C. A.
Palavras-chave: Printed circuit boards
Physical processing
Data: 10-Nov-2009
Citação: Oliveira, Paula C.; Taborda, F. Charters; Margarido, F.; Nogueira, C. A. Physical and chemical processing of printed circuit boards waste. Comunicação apresentada ao: WRF’09 – World Recycling Forum ’09: Proceedings of 4th Intern. Conf. and Exhibition, Shanghai, China, 2009, November 10–13, 2p.
Resumo: A recycling process for PCB’s is being studied, based on physical processing and hydrometallurgical treatment. PCB’s waste was shredded in a lab cutting mill, resulting a grinded material with 90% (weight) with particle size less than 2.1 mm and an average particle diameter of 1.2 mm. Chemical analysis of granulometric fractions showed that the base metals like Cu, Zn, Pb and Sn concentrated mainly in intermediate size fractions (0.4-1.7 mm) being fines very rich in epoxy resin composite. About 80-90% of the principal metals were recovered in that size range. The first step of chemical treatment was the acid leaching of metals. The use of nitric acid solutions at appropriate conditions allowed the efficient solubilization of base metals like Cu, Ni, Zn, Pb and Ag. More than 90% recovery of Cu, Zn and Ni were achieved at 90ºC using 1 M HNO3. Dissolution of silver required higher concentrations (only 70% yield using 2 M HNO3). Tin leaching was inefficient in nitric media, being always lower than 20%. The leaching conditions here reported were adequate to the base metals solubilization, allowing further processing of leachates for separation and recovery using hydrometallurgical operations. Precious metals recovery would be attained in a subsequent leaching step using highly concentrated acidic solutions.
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/10400.9/591
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