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Título: Hydrothermal processing of corn residues:process optimisation and products characterisation
Autor: Moniz, Patrícia
Gírio, Francisco M.
Carvalheiro, Florbela
Pereira, Helena
Data: 2-Set-2009
Citação: Moniz, Patrícia; Gírio, Francisco M.; Carvalheiro, Florbela; Pereira, Helena. Hydrothermal processing of corn residues: process optimisation and products characterisation. In: Proceedings of the 2nd Wood Nordic Biorefinery Conference, Helsínquia, Finlândia, 2009,September 2-4, vol. 2, p. 89-95
Resumo: Hydrothermal processing was used as pre-treatment method for the selective solubilisation of hemicellulose from corn residues (leaves and stalks). The raw material was treated at a liquidto- solid ratio of 10 g/g, under non-isothermal conditions (150-240ºC) and the effect of treatment on the composition of both liquid and solid phases was evaluated. The yields of solid residue and soluble products, e.g., oligosaccharides, monosaccharides, acetic acid and degradation compounds, such as furfural, hydroxymethylfurfural are presented and interpreted using the severity factor (log R0). The operational conditions leading to the maximum recovery of XOS (53% of initial (arabino)xylan) and for highest glucan content of the solid residue (64%) were established for log R0 of 3.75 and 4.21, respectively. Under the severest condition 95% of xylan was selectively solubilised and 90% of initial glucan was recovered on the solid residue, making it very attractive for further processing in a biorefinery framework.
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