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Título: Value analysis: an approach to sustainability
Autor: Henriques, José João M. Silva
Catarino, Justina
Alexandre, Jorge
Maia, Anabela
Rodrigues, Fátima
Camocho, David
Palavras-chave: Sustainable Value
Value analysis
Value management
Cleaner production
Eco- efficiency
Data: 2008
Citação: Henriques, José João M. Silva; Catarino, Justina; Alexandre, Jorge; Maia, A.; Rodrigues, Fátima; Camocho, David. Value analysis:an approach to sustainability. In: The 9th HKIVM International Conference 2008, Hong Kong
Resumo: Since the birth of Value Analysis (VA), during last century, by L. D. Miles all Value Management (VM) tools aim at increasing the Value of a VA subject, this being defined as the relationship between the satisfaction of needs and the resources used in achieving this satisfaction [1]. VA, which led to VM, was seen, formerly, as a cost reduction tool, even if using a functional approach. Today this is no longer possible and any VM study must take into account the different stakeholders needs and expectations. Technical and economical aspects can no longer be separated from environmental and social ones which means that the three components of Sustainability must be considered. The authors, coming from different backgrounds and experiences, have been developing, testing and implementing a methodology – Sustainable Value – profiting from the synergies between VA and other methodologies and concepts connected with Sustainability, mainly Cleaner Production and Eco-efficiency ones. The main difference towards any ordinary VA application is that through all the VA work plan special attention is paid to the three Sustainability vectors: economical, social and environmental - in the gathering of data, in the characterisation of functions during functional analysis, during creativity and in the evaluation of ideas. This approach has already been tested and implemented in about 20 companies from different areas: metal mechanics, plastic transformation, detergents, automotive components, quarrying and stone processing, etc. The proposal is to present this approach as well as some results and difficulties in its implementation.
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/10400.9/710
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