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Título: Statistical thermodynamic approach to molten Fe–Cr–P
Autor: Shohoji, Nobumitsu
Marques, Sofia Figueiredo
Palavras-chave: Molten Fe–Cr–P
Interstitial compound
Phosphorus activity
Statistical thermodynamics
Data: 2008
Citação: Shohoji, Nobumitsu; Marques, S. F. Statistical thermodynamic approach to molten Fe–Cr–P. In: International Journal of Materials Research (formely Zeitschrift für Metallkunde), 2008, vol. 99, nº 3, p. 245-250
Resumo: Statistical thermodynamic analysis was applied to the available phosphorus solubility data set for molten Fe1 –yCryPx given as functions of Cr composition y, temperature T and phosphorus activity a(P) under the assumption that the solubility limit x of P in the molten Fe1-yCry was 0.50 irrespective of y. The evaluated values of the energy parameter representing the extent of stability of P atoms in the molten Fe1– yCryPx showed an apparently realistic variation pattern with y for the level of y up to 0.465. Further, it was demonstrated by an interpolating estimation using the obtained statistical thermodynamic parameter values at two known levels of y that a(P) vs. x relationships for arbitrary y at specified T could be derived with acceptable accuracy.
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/10400.9/718
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