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Título: How to measure the value from a sustainable point of view
Autor: Alexandre, Jorge
Maia, Anabela
Camocho, David
Rodrigues, Fátima
Henriques, José João M. Silva
Catarino, Justina
Palavras-chave: Eco-eficiência
Produção mais limpa
Análise de valor
Prevenção da poluição
Data: 14-Set-2006
Citação: Alexandre, J.; Maia, A.; Camocho, D.; Rodrigues, F.; Henriques, J.J.M.S.; Catarino, J. How to measure the value from a sustainable point of view. In: Conference of Delivering Value Today and Tomorrow, Bringthon, UK, Sptember 14-15, 2006, Paper nº 19, 8p.
Resumo: Entrepreneurial activities must change when taking into account Sustainable Development paradigm. A new way of evaluating enterprises’ performance which incorporates economical, environmental and social criteria is necessary. Any organisation can no longer work as a “black box”. Society wants to know about the impacts of inputs and outputs of companies’ activities and therefore a continuous process of transparency, communication and continuous improvement is required. Therefore the Value of a company can no longer be seen only as the profi t for its shareholders, but must be extended in an objective way to the other elements of Sustainability: the social and environmental criteria. If Top Management and the VA team are sensitized for the Sustainability principles and for their contribution in creating Value, these aspects will be integrated in the company’s strategic management so that they will contribute for its viability in the long term. This paper aims at presenting a specifi c methodology to support the process of decision making at the level of the practices related to increasing Value towards a Sustainable Entrepreneurial Development. After a study of the possible synergies between tools used by Value Management (mainly Value Analysis) and Environmental Management (Cleaner Production, Eco effi ciency, among others) a methodology, joining them and profi ting from their synergies was developed and tested in several companies.
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/10400.9/776
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