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Título: Cork agglomerates as an ideal core material in lightweight structures
Autor: Castro, Osvaldo
Silva, José M.
Devezas, Tessaleno
Silva, Arlindo
Gil, Luís
Palavras-chave: Sandwich structures
Cork agglomerates
Flexural strength
Data: Jan-2010
Citação: Castro, O.; Silva, J. M.; Devezas, T.; Silva, A.; Gil, L. Cork agglomerates as an ideal core material in lightweight structures. In: Materials & Design, January 2010, vol.31, nº 1, , p. 425-432
Resumo: The experiments carried out in this investigation were oriented in order to optimize the properties of cork-based agglomerates as an ideal core material for sandwich components of lightweight structures, such as those used in aerospace applications. Static bending tests were performed in order to characterize the mechanical strength of different types of cork agglomerates which were obtained considering distinct production variables. The ability to withstand dynamic loads was also evaluated from a set of impact tests using carbon-cork sandwich specimens. The results got from experimental tests revealed that cork agglomerates performance essentially depends on the cork granule size, its density and the bonding procedure used for the cohesion of granulates, and these parameters can be adjusted in function of the final application intended for the sandwich component. These results also allow inferring that optimized cork agglomerates have some specific properties that confirm their superior ability as a core material of sandwich components when compared with other conventional materials.
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/10400.9/920
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